Georgia House Bill 702 would repeal the death penalty in Georgia

Urgent action is needed to help this bill pass in the 2020 session.

A bipartisan group of legislators have introduced House Bill 702. If enacted, this bill would repeal the death penalty in Georgia and replace it with life without parole. This powerful action would move our state even further in the pro-life direction it has already undertaken.

As pro-life people, we cannot accept the risk of wrongful conviction, leading to the execution of an innocent person. Six people have already been exonerated from death row here in Georgia. The imposition of the death penalty is riddled with racial bias and unequal justice for the accused. In addition, millions of dollars are spent on capital trials, incarceration, and lengthy appeals. This money would be better invested in solving other crimes, investing in education to prevent crime, and providing more services to victims and their families. Georgia already leads the way with some of the nation’s strongest pro-life laws. Now we need your support to expand that commitment with a hearing on HB702.

There are three targeted actions that we are asking Catholics to take to help increase the likelihood of this hearing taking place:

  • Contact your Georgia House member directly

    The most critical item is to contact your legislators directly (in person, phone, letter, or email) and ask them to urge Speaker David Ralston and Chairman Chuck Efstration to hold a hearing as soon as possible on House Bill 702. Information on how to contact legislators about this bill (with sample wording) can be found below.

  • Conduct a petition drive at your church

    Conduct a signature drive for a petition to legislators, urging them to hold a hearing on House Bill 702 as soon as possible. The petition and a parish action kit, containing all the needed information, can be found below.

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