HB 1014 Action Alert

House Bill 1014 was recently introduced by Representative Bill Werkheiser. This important piece of legislation would (1) lower the standard of proof for intellectual disability and (2) remove the determination of intellectual disability from the guilt phase of a trial. These changes would bring Georgia in line with the standards that all other states have for intellectual disability.

We ask you to join us in taking action to support this legislation!

1. Thank the bill sponsors for introducing the legislation.
It is important for them to see how much support is behind this issue! The sponsors and their contact information is below:

  • Bill Werkheiser (bill.werkheiser@house.ga.gov; 404-656-5132)
  • Matt Reeves (matt.reeves@house.ga.gov; 404-656-0152)
  • Deborah Silcox (deborah.silcox@house.ga.gov; 404-657-1803)
  • Scott Holcomb (scott.holcomb@house.ga.gov; 404-656-6372)
  • Tyler Paul Smith (tyler.smith@house.ga.gov; 404-463-7853)
  • Stan Gunter (stan.gunter@house.ga.gov; 404-656-5125)

2. Contact your legislator and urge them to support this life-saving change to Georgia law.
Reach out to your state House member and ask them to support House Bill 1014. Click here for a sample email you can use to contact your legislator. Don’t know who your House member is? Click here to find your legislator.

3. Share this with your friends, family, and fellow parishioners!
Use the information and resources on this page to help those in your community understand this issue and take action!